Error Handling

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Additions to CiA 417, part 1:

8.4 Additional emergency error code meanings

Devices compliant to this specification may use additional error codes, as specified in Table 4.

Table 4 - Error codes

Error code Description Reaction
0010h CAN warning level reached <tbd>
3111h Mains over-voltage <tbd>
3121h Mains under-voltage <tbd>
3211h Over-voltage (device internal) <tbd>
3221h Under-voltage (device internal) <tbd>
FF01h Light barrier defect <tbd>
FF02h Finger protector defect <tbd>
FF03h Motion detection defect <tbd>
FF04h Application error <tbd>
FF05h Overspeed Car drive unit: fast stop
FF06h Unintended car movement (UCM) Car drive unit: fast stop