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Aus CANopen-Lift
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Quelle: CAN Newsletter 1/2004

Control Techniques ( has introduced the Unidrive SP that can be stopped in a controlled, damage-freeway - and given them the means, for example, to bring lifts safely to the nearest floor for the evacuation of their occupants. This is due to the drive’s power supply input. This feature is relevant for any equipment that needs UPS back-up - e.g. fair­ground rides and machine tools, so that it can be shut­down safely. With pending European elevator regulations, the key application for this feature is likely to be lifts. Public safety is of key concern for building owners and lift contractors - one issue being the ability to get lift passengers rescued during a catastrophic power failure, such as those recently experienced on the eastern seaboard of the USA and in London. In the vast majority of instances a full uninterruptible power supply back­up with a generator that kicks in to take over critical supplies is too costly. An alternative solution could be the fitting of the company’s drives as lift drives. Built into every Unidrive SP is a 48-V DC back-up power supply connection. In the event of a power-loss, connection of a simple 48-V battery-oper­ated UPS allows full load operation of the lift motor albeit at a slower speed. The drive is designed for both geared and gearless lifts and supports open-loop vector, closed-loop vector, brushless synchronous motor modes. Multiple feedback types are supported as standard, including Sin/Cos feedback. Additional control and communications option modules such as CANopen (CiA DSP 402 and CiA DSP 417) are available. The drive includes features such as brake control, excellent speed and torque control designed specifically to provide smooth, high-performance lift operation and control.